Cloud Tracker Package

Below are the steps to Steps to Create Cloud Tracker Package

The myDexChain mobile app is downloaded.



Simply CloudTracker; Users who apply to Master Trackers to become a tracker. After creating a package as CloudTracker, any MasterTracker repository is expected to accept the application.


Applications are listed at

Tabs in the list:

* Community Code - CloudTracker reference number

* Register Date - Application time

* Percent % - MasterTracker service fee that can accept the application. (is variable)


  • The Waiting CloudTrackers section lists the CloudTrackers that are expected to be received by the pool.
  • In the Working CloudTrackers section, the CloudTrackers acquired by the pool and starting production are listed.


The details and transaction steps of the system, which will enable both parties to reach the earnings algorithm quickly, are as follows.


The steps to start production with CloudTracker:


  • New or potential user who wants to produce DXC and PRX should first install Dexchain mobile application.
  • Afterwards, the required DXC and PRX amounts must be added to the Dexchain wallet balances in order to create DXC and PRX mining packages.
    • DXC packages can be made with 10.000 DXC. (The Fee required for this transaction is 5.7 DXC) “Wallet” is sent to the wallet.
    • There are 3 different PRX packages
      • It can be done with 1/1 -> 1.000 PRX. (The Fee required for this transaction is 3,000 DXC)
      • It can be done with 1/2 -> 1.000 PRX. (Fee required for this transaction is 1,500 DXC)
      • It can be done with 1/4 -> 1.000 PRX. (The Fee required for this transaction is 750 DXC)
      • The required amount of PRX “Parex Wallet” is sent to the wallet. The required amount of DXC “Secure Wallet” for the fee is sent to the wallet.
  • After the balances are added, the “CloudTracker” option on the Parex / Package tab is selected through the DexChain application, respectively.
  • Package Rate;

Which Package will be created should be selected from this section. (1/1 – 1/2 – 1/4)

  • Payment Type;

Parex packages can be created with both PRX and DXC. The amount of DXC required for the packages to be created with DXC is calculated according to the current Tether value of PRX and DXC and determined by cross rate. Current amounts can be accessed by ticking the payment options.

  • PRX -> PRX from Parex wallet
  • Secure DXC -> Secure “secure” wallet with DXC
  • Wallet DXC -> Mobile App with DXC (production) from main wallet
  • There is no need for TrackerKey or ParexKey to create packages with CloudTracker. This information will be provided by MasterTracker, which accepts the application.
  • If the BUY button is pressed, a package will be created with DXC and PRX as long as your application will appear in the application list. Production will begin when any MasterTracker accepts your application and completes the installation process.
  • Package times start when the application is made.
  • The "Percent %" part in the application list starts with 5% and increases every 1 hour until it reaches 25%. After 25% it starts all over again at 5%.



Steps for MasterTracker to provide CloudTracker service:


  • CloudTracker service includes Tracker setup and Pool service. For this reason, MasterTracker owners who want to provide CloudTracker service should determine their ServiceFee prices by considering their costs.
  • MasterTracker pools that do not have Min.1 Parex package connected cannot provide CloudTracker service.
  • First of all, a Tracker must be installed in order to provide CloudTracker service. After the installation is complete, only the pool connection should be made with the pool ApiKey.
    • curl http://localhost:2020/setJoinPool/Pool Api Key                ->  Pool Connection
  • After completing the installation, you can accept the application from the applications in the CloudTracker list with the code in the "Community Code" section of the application that matches the service fee you have determined.
    • curl http://localhost:2020//setCloudTracker/CommunityCode          ->  Cloud Connection
  • The "Percent %" part in the application list starts with 5% and increases every 1 hour until it reaches 25%. The application percentage you want to accept must be the same or higher than the pool service fee you set. Percentages lower than the service fee of the pool cannot be included in the pool.
  • If the installed tracker goes offline for 2 hours, CloudTracker returns to the List with 5% and is dropped from the Master Tracker pool it is connected to.
  • Cloud-connected MasterTracker pools can reduce but not increase service fees.
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