Dex Mining | Dex Staking

Below are the steps to Dex Mining | Dex Staking for the mobile app.

The myDexChain mobile app is downloaded.

DXC Staking information appears on this page.


  • DexMining Amount: Amount of DXC attached to Mining Package
  • DexMining Package: Number of Mining Packages (10,000 pieces in 1 Package)
  • DexStaking Amount: Staked DXC amount
  • DexStaking Package: Number of Staking Packages (10,000 pieces in 1 Package)
  • DXC Wallet: Amount of Free DXC in the production wallet

DexMining or DexStaking package can be created from the Type section.

In order to create a DexMining package, you must have at least 10,030 DXCs in your Production wallet. "TrackerKey" is needed to create DexMining Package. DexTracker installation is required in order to have a TrackerKey.

DexMining package allows you to produce DXC based on DexRate ratio.

In order to create a DexStaking package, you must have a minimum of 10,030 DXCs in your production wallet. "TrackerKey" is not needed to create a DexStaking Package.

The DexStaking package allows you to produce DXC based on 1/10 DexRate ratio.


  • In this section, you can find the details of your current DexMining and DexStaking packages. DexHash number, Pack start time, Remaining time, TrackerKey depending on the Pack, Cancel, Teacker key update sections are accessible in this section.
  • Packages that write PreTracker key are staking packages. These Packages can be converted to DexMining package by defining TrackerKey.

Time Out

  • In this section, the details of the expired and canceled packages are displayed.
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Dex Mining | Dex Staking

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