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The myDexChain mobile app is downloaded.

Pos & Node

The difference between POS and Node and crypto mining versus GPU and SSD mining.
First, let's examine what these terms are:
* POS: Proof Of Stake: The reward given to people who hold certain amounts of the relevant crypto money is crypto money. (max. per year 15%)
* Node: Computer nodes are what make it possible to use Blockchain as a peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized digital network network. The more Nodes there are, the more reliable these networks will be. Cryptocurrency rewards can be earned by keeping a node.
* GPU mining: Crypto mining with high-cost graphics cards
* SSD mining: Crypto mining obtained by performing heavy operations on SSD

So what is Pos & Node?

As the name suggests, it is a system consisting of a combination of Proof Of Stake and Node. In this system, both POS and Node You are combining your rewards. Thus, a higher rate of reward than other crypto production mechanisms you can receive. The myDexChain blockchain blends proof of stake and node systems, thanks to a self-developed generation algorithm. has developed a brand new, simple and plain crypto production mechanism that appeals to every user base. With this algorithm, DXC, which is the main coin of myDexChain, and the PRX token produced with the DRC-16 protocol are called DualMining. can be produced. DualMining is a unique to myDexChain that allows generating double crypto in a single transaction is an algorithm.

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