History Filter

Below are the steps to History Fitler for the mobile app.

The myDexChain mobile app is downloaded.

From this section, you can list your transaction histories according to a certain time period and transaction feature.

Start Date : Select the start date for the search.
Last Date : Select the End date for the search
Type : Select the transaction feature

* All : Selects all operations
* Transactions : Selects all transfers
* DXC Sending : Selects your DXC sends
* DXC Receiving : Selects your DXC purchases
* DexMining-DexStaking Buying : Selects DXC Package purchases
* DexMining-DexStaking Income : Selects DXC Package scrapes
* DexMining-DexStaking Timeout : Selects DXC Paets that expire
* DexConfirmer : Selects confirmation rewards
* Dex-Tracker : Selects DexTracker gains
* Survey (DRC-32) : Selects the achievements from the Surveys you voted on
* Dex-Clouder : For commercial businesses
* Secure Wallet : Selects Secure Wallet transactions
* Parex Mining : Selects PRX Package mining

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History Filter

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