Below are the steps to profile for the mobile app.

There are 2 menus in the profile section.

1 - Profile 2 - Security


  • Avatar : Profile photo
  • Set Default Currency : Shows the DXC equivalent amounts found on the Dashboard. Adjustments can be made in terms of ETH / BTC / USD / TRY.
  • Forgot Password: It is used to renew the myDexChain Mobile application login password when forgotten.
  • Forgot Google Authenticator: myDexChain Mobile application is used to renew the Google Authenticator password when forgotten.
  • Devices : Shows the list of devices where myDexChain application is active.


  • Private Key - Seed Phrase: It is used to see Privite Key - Seed Phrase codes.
  • Pin Code : MyDexChain creates a 4-digit password for security at login to the mobile application. This password is not the account login password, it is the application login password.
  • Authenticator: With this option, you can increase your security while opening your account on different devices.
  • Finger Print : fingerprint control on application login.
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