Below are the steps to withdraw for the mobile app.

Withdraw process is done in 2 ways.

1- By scanning the QR code 2- By entering the wallet address

1- When making a transaction with the QR code, the QR code containing the shipping wallet address is scanned and the transaction is completed.

2- Manual Operation: The address to be sent is written in the "Please Enter Dexchain Address" section in the Sending section.

The "Balance" part shows the amount of DXC you have and the "Withdrawable" part shows your sending limit.

Write your trasnfer amount in the "Please Enter Amont" section. When you press the Amount "ALL" button, DXC is automatically added to the Amount section as much as your sending limit.

The transfer information written in the Description section is personal and optional. The transfer appears in the DxHash section.

When all fields are filled, the transfer is performed by pressing the "SEND" button.

If the same address will be sent continuously, you can register as many addresses as you want in the "Favorite Witdraw Address" section. Shipments are not made to these addresses automatically.

The amount of DXC corresponding to this amount can be learned by typing the amount in USD or TRY in the Currency Converter section.

Currency data is obtained from CoinMarketCap.

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